5 Best Video Game Streaming Sites

Some players stream io online games for entertaining with friends, others want to showcase their abilities to a wider audience and become professional streamers later on. Depending on what goals the player has, you need to select a suitable platform for broadcasting:

  • If a streamer is targeting a narrow circle of friends, and the platform doesn't allow private streams, he'll need to work very hard to protect his streams from casual viewers.
  • Conversely, if a streamer is hoping to build a large subscriber base to make money from it later on, and the platform as a whole has a small audience, he might be wasting his time.

What Is the Difference Between Streaming Platforms

Streaming services differ not only in the audience visiting them but also in a number of other indicators:

  • simplicity and a minimal set of functions or advanced site with a lot of additional features
  • paid or free broadcasts
  • number of subscribers to monetize streams
  • possibility of scheduled broadcasts
  • the presence or absence of advertising
  • allowable broadcast time and more

Most Optimal Game Streaming Platforms

Fashionable Twitch

This platform holds the largest share of the streaming market. Therefore, for those who aim to earn some money from streaming content, this is an ideal choice. Ease of interaction with subscribers, and the ability to broadcast comments facilitate communication and save a lot of time. The threshold for earning from advertising, which must be overcome is 50 subscribers.

Classic YouTube

YouTube Gaming has an important advantage over Twitch. Here you can make private streaming by sharing a link with your friends. Therefore, the service can be used for both public and private broadcasts. In addition, there is a convenient storage system for completed broadcasts, which viewers can join to watch at any time convenient for them. In addition to advertising revenue, streamers can receive donations from their subscribers.

Simplicity of Facebook Gaming

For those who expect to find a large audience on social networks, streaming on Facebook is ideal. The platform allows notifying in advance about the upcoming broadcast and sending reminders at the start of the stream. The variety of income generation options is also an essential advantage, as is the scale of the Facebook audience.

eSports Oriented Afreeca

Any Free Broadcasting (Afreeca) platform, which is an active sponsor of eSports competitions, is very popular among gamers. The site allows conducting high-quality streams, communicating with viewers in real time, and earning good money. However, some of them will have to be left on the platform as a commission.

Sociable Caffeine

If you love communicating with other streamers and don't mind chatting a lot with your audience, choose Caffeine. This platform is popular with those who are annoyed by ads because they simply do not exist here. In addition, it is easy to use due to the simplicity of settings and intuitive interface. Caffeine also gives the possibility of earning money with stickers. The disadvantage of Caffeine is that it does not allow users to save streams for delayed viewing.

When selecting a platform, be guided not only by your preferences but also by which of the resources most of your friends use. The fan base, as a rule, begins with them. Therefore, the more subscribers will be at the start, the easier further promotion.