10 The Best Game-Streaming Services

Game streaming has become a successful substitute for amassing your own library of games. In addition to not having to worry about storage capacity for the favorite games, the player can forget about all the problems with choosing and buying expensive equipment. And finally, he gets freedom of movement and play at the same time. Now he can play from anywhere just holding a smartphone in his hands.

What Are the Most Popular Game Streaming Services?

Since the market for streaming services is still booming, no universal standard with a complete set of necessary functions has been developed. Each company embodies its own vision of the organization of streaming, gathering its user audience that accepts all conditions. But the top ten today are quite obvious and look like this.

Nvidia GeForce Now

A platform where you can play both your own games and those supported by the Nvidia games library. There is a free tier with a session limit and a paid tier for $9.99 per month.

Xbox Game Pass

The advantage of the platform is an impressive selection of games for only $14.99 per month. It is possible to test the service for $1 per month.

PlayStation Now

In addition to streaming games, the service allows you to download them to your PS4 to play at your convenience offline.

Google Stadia

Certain games are streamed on the service for free. Before buying the game, you can try the stripped-down version for free as well. Stadia Pro – $9.99 per month.

Amazon Luna

The original approach to tariff plans by Amazon Luna involves several channels with a different set of games. Depending on what games will be in demand by the user, he will pay from 4.99 to 17.99 dollars per month.

Steam Link

This is a home streaming option where games installed on one computer are easily streamed to any other device connected to the same Internet network.

Nintendo Switch Online

A service with a smaller selection of games, but a very cheap $20/year subscription. Provides access to a library of online games with an ever-expanding list. This platform uses a technically slightly different solution than streaming.


This is a favorite service of Android owners as the platform focuses on streaming games for mobile phones. An iOS solution has yet to be offered, so players are left to either look for another game streaming platform or buy a smartphone with Android. Also, among the limitations is the need for 5G Internet connection for uninterrupted streaming.


The service allows players to stream games from their libraries. Numerous settings guarantee that the player will achieve the most ideal stream quality.


Service for broadcasting indie games. The main benefit is unlimited access to a wide range of games for only $4.99 per month.

Some streaming services have a free trial option for a month. Therefore, users can get an idea themselves about the convenience of the service and how much they might be interested in the proposed library of games and the quality of the stream.