5 Advice How to Set Up OBS to Stream Games

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is one of the most popular game broadcasting software. It is chosen as a mediator by both amateur and professional players. The availability and no fee for using this software do not at all speak in favor of its second-rate quality. Rather the opposite. It is so popular because of its high quality of streaming and simplicity of use.

The Benefits of OBS That Make It the Best Choice for Streaming

The OBS program works in two modes — recording and live broadcasting:

  • it is possible first to record the necessary screencast, and then put it on a web hosting
  • you can stream the game process in real time
  • there is an option of overlay images and adding them to the stream
  • you can also install a webcam and stream video from it

To make your streaming interesting to others, try to use the rich functionality of the software as much as possible.

How to Set Up OBS for an Exciting Broadcast

In order to start streaming the game, it is enough to do 5 small actions.

Think About What You Want to Show on the Scene

The final video that will be streamed is called a scene. It can include various elements in addition to the game itself. First, set up Game Capture. Once you've verified that your display is in full-screen mode using the preview feature, you can add additional windows.

Communicate Through the Microphone

If communicating with the viewers is essential for your streaming style, set up a microphone. By default, only sounds from the computer screen will go to the stream. OBS allows you to mix sounds. Therefore, using the slider, you can mute the sounds of the game to chat with the audience, and then return the broadcast sound to its main preset.

Show Your Reaction with a Webcam

As a rule, streamers add video from a webcam in a small window. It is also superimposed on the image of your display using the "Add" - "Video Capture Device" command. You can set up a webcam for anything: from your face to your hands and even to a window opening. The emotional reactions of the player may be of interest to the audience, so if you are not shy, do not neglect this opportunity.

Connect the Streaming to the Platform

After all the settings are ready, go to the platform that will host your streaming:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch

An account must be already created on the chosen platform. When you select the option to start broadcasting, the platform will ask you to specify the type of software you are using and offer a "Primary stream key". Copy it and return it to the OBS program to paste it along with the name of the platform you are streaming to. After that, the synchronization is completed, and you can start streaming live.

Invite Friends to Join Viewing

Notify subscribers and friends in advance of an upcoming broadcast or after everything is set up. To do this, it is enough to give a link to your page on any of the platforms where the stream is directed.

Setting up a stream using the OBS program is very simple. It is enough to do this a couple of times to debug the procedure. Subsequently, it will take only a few minutes, without requiring a lot of your energy.