How Does Cloud Gaming Work?

How do you keep up with rapidly advancing PC gaming technology without becoming overgrown with expensive hardware that quickly becomes obsolete? The solution was found with the development of cloud technologies, which perfected the ability to put games on remote servers, and provided gamers with direct access to them.

Why Is It Profitable to Use Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming has both advantages and disadvantages that have not yet been resolved.

Among the positive aspects are the following:

  • No need to raise money for expensive consoles, powerful video cards, or advanced games. Cloud gaming works on any device. So gamers don't have to worry about how many cores their processors have or how much additional RAM is needed. Subscribing to cloud services is not expensive, and therefore the player wins financially.
  • Freedom. A big fan of video games is tied to his computer, which has all the necessary equipment for gaming. It is difficult to persuade him to go anywhere even for a few days because for this he will have to give up the opportunity to play his favorite games. With cloud gaming, all he requires is a smartphone or other convenient device. Wherever he goes, the games will always be with him.
  • There is no need to update anything in the hardware used for gaming or in the software. All this is done by the cloud service provider.

What Are the Principles of Cloud Gaming?

The principle of cloud gaming is that the processing of the game engine is carried out not on the player’s computer, but on a powerful remote server. The video stream of the game occurs to any device that requests access to it via the Internet.

How Does Cloud Gaming Subscription Work?

The gamer pays for a subscription to cloud services and in return gets access to a library of games with a certain playing time. The platform also provides applications for game streaming.

Therefore, instead of hundreds of gigabytes of a single game, the user downloads just a small application that will be the key to streaming and a library of games.

There are other payment models for access to games. The cloud provider services themselves will be free, but the games that the player selects will need to be purchased.

Does the Cloud Service Provider Offer Free Access to the Games?

Gamers can also play on such services for free. For example, GeForce Now gives the opportunity to play for free, but with big restrictions that are not suitable for true fans of computer games:

  • playing for free for only an hour a day
  • waiting in line to access the game

Therefore, gamers would rather prefer to pay for a subscription than tolerate such curtailed services.

When deciding whether to switch to cloud gaming or stick to the old tried traditions, it is possible to go both ways at the same time for a while. The subscription is very cheap. GeForce Now for just five dollars a month offers a high level of service with a 6-hour game session and immediate access to games. When you experience the benefits of this way of playing, make an informed choice. Or continue to use both approaches.