How to Stream Your Games Just Among Friends

Many gamers like to share their gaming experience with their friends. However, not everyone dreams of becoming a famous streamer with thousands of subscribers. Being a famous streamer is a difficult task, as viewers are constantly waiting for new games and regular streaming. Broadcasting games to friends is a completely different challenge. There are no high demands and no obligations. What is the best way to stream games for friends and which platform to choose? Try one of the leading streaming platforms by simply changing your privacy settings to privately broadcast to friends or some other tricks if this option is not provided.

Private Streaming for Friends: Which Platform Should You Choose?

You can stream games live or upload to recordings on numerous platforms:

  • on specialized resources such as Twitch or Steam
  • on social networks: Facebook, Instagram
  • on video hosting: YouTube

Thanks to this, you can create a large base of subscribers and even earn money. But not all players find this goal attractive. The possibility of a private broadcast for friends is not available on every resource. And the reasons for this are not at all the difficulty of developing such a functionality. The most popular streaming platform, Twitch, used to have a private streaming option, but the platform removed it after complaints that the feature was being used to stream adult content.

If You Have a Twitch Account, Can It Be Used for a Private Broadcast?

Twitch is now offering the option of private streaming for subscribers only. Therefore, if you agree to a wider viewer base, simply select the "Subscribers" category in the "Audience" section. If you need a narrower circle of viewers and want to exclusively use Twitch services, you can create a new account. Make a small subscriber base consisting only of friends, and broadcast games only for them. But in this option, there are no guarantees that your channel will not become known to a more crowded audience.

Private Streaming on YouTube

Unlike Twitch, YouTube retains the ability to stream privately. To do this, you just need to adjust the privacy settings, making the broadcast unregistered so that YouTube does not offer it in the list for visitors. Such streaming can only be watched by those with whom you share the URL link. So set up your broadcast and send notifications with a link to its address to all your friends.

Easy Streaming of Games Only for Friends on Steam

The easiest way to limit the circle of viewers of your streams is on Steam. To do this, in the privacy settings of a particular stream, you must specify that only friends can request to view games. Moreover, among the complete list of friends, you can create a subset of those who cannot watch streaming, or, conversely, can do it.

You can also use the features of Facebook Gaming. There's also no private broadcast option there, but you can always create a separate Facebook page where you can add only those friends with whom you are ready to share your passion for the game. Try any of the proposed ways to set up streaming among friends choosing that platform that is most convenient to all of them.